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We're here to help you find your place, embrace His Mission, and live your best life in Christ. 

Our mission is to bring hope to individuals and families, foster a sense of oneness, empower you to become missional in your daily life, and equip you for both this life and the one to come.

A Place of HOPE | HOME LifeCenter is a place where hope is found, even in life's toughest moments. We walk alongside you on your journey in faith. 

ONENESS in Christ | Experience the beauty of oneness in Christ within our diverse and loving community.  We're a family, united in faith and love. 

Becoming MISSIONAL | We're not just here to attend church; we're here to be the Church. Discover your purpose and mission in every aspect of life. 

EQUIPPING for Eternity | Our commitment is to equip you not only for the challenges of today but also to prepare you for the joys of eternity with Christ. 

Living Your Best Life | In Christ, we find the pathway to living our best life--fulfilled, purposeful, and overflowing with His love. 

What Sets Us Apart | What makes HOME LifeCenter unique is our focus on being missional disciples. We don't just attend church; we actively engage in God's mission. Our community offers a welcoming and nurturing environment where you can find support, encouragement, and equipping to live out your faith boldly. 

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