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Welcome to Your Journey of Transformation

In our LifeGroups, meeting on the second and fourth Sundays, you will find a community of support, learning, and growth. It is a space where we worship the Lord on one accord, dive deep into His Word, and encounter the Lord. Together, we are cultivating relationships, strengthening our faith, and transforming lives in the process.

Meeting in LifeGroups periodically is a practice deeply rooted in the biblical tradition of the early church. It offers a space for authentic fellowship, spiritual growth, mutual encouragement, accountability, and outreach—all of which are essential components of a vibrant and biblically grounded Christian community.

LifeGroup Goals

  1. Deepening Faith through Knowledge | James 1:22-25 | Goal: Partners and guests will engage in regular, group and personal Bible study and reflection, aiming to apply scriptural teachings to their daily lives.
  2. Fellowship and Community Building | Acts 2:42-47 | Goal: Strengthen the bonds of community among members, fostering a safe, loving, and supportive environment where faith is nurtured.
  3. Mutuality through Worship | Philippians 4:6-7 | Goal: Cultivate a life of prayer, where partners and guests actively support each other’s spiritual and practical needs through communal and intercessory prayers.
  4. Servant Leadership | Mark 10:42-45 | Goal: Encourage and equip members to take on roles of servant leadership within the group and broader community.
  5. Outreach and Evangelism | Matthew 28:18-20 | Goal: Extend the love and message of Christ to the wider community, seeking opportunities to serve and share the gospel.
  6. Spiritual Growth | Ephesians 4:11-16 | Goal: Every member should aim for continuous spiritual growth, supported by the group through mentorship, teachings, and encouragement.
  7. Gifts and Talents | 1 Peter 4:10 | Goal: Identify and nurture the spiritual gifts and talents of each member for the edification of the body of Christ.
  8. Love and Unity | John 13:34-35 | Goal: Promote unconditional love, acceptance, and unity, reflecting Christ’s love in all interactions.